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Safety, health and the environment (SHE) policy

Our SHE policy emphasises that, for The Servtrust Limited, safety, health and environmental management is accorded the highest priority. It is also an area that experiences continuos improvement. SHE affects not only our corporate strategy at the highest level but also our everyday operations.

Servtrust managers are required to achieve on-going improvement by:

  • maintaining sound operating practices, including a planned approach to risk¬†
    management and to the measurement of health, safety and environmental  performance
  • promoting the sustainable development of their businesses
  • ensuring high standards of training, information and supervision by providing support and encouragement at all levels.

The SHE policy of Servtrust Limited is a declaration that it takes its wider responsibilities seriously. The policy reflects a quality management system that updates and develops employees' actions, responsibilities and behavior on a continuous basis.

These elements are broken down and expressed in more detail in our Integrated Management Systems and Standards (IMSS). It defines our management responsibilities and the organisational arrangements for safety, health and environmental management. IMSS refers to highly specified technical information in relation to, for example, flue gas or the disposal of catalysts. In each case, the system provides detailed information on how to deal with a range of associated hazards. Providing highly specified information about a range of hazards within the working environment is a key element in improving health and safety. When understood, taken seriously and acted upon, it can save lives, as our expertise can testify.

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